Training on the Obstacle Course

Another fun day at Windrock Farm with the kids learning to ride the obstacle course,

Vanessa cantered on Bond for the first time and loved it.  Alex and Maddie took turns riding Mr. T with Rex through all of the obstacles. Everyone learned to ride with rhythm, balance and confidence through the cans, noodles, over and under the tarp, the crows and throwing the ball through the hoop.

Teaching Kids to Ride

Vanessa rides Tony with Cari on Allez and Lauren on a late summer afternoon.  Learning to ride with excellent balance and rhythm at Windrock Farm.  You can never start too early.  Learning correct basics from the beginning will result in a skilled confident rider.

Fiona demonstrates her talent for trick riding on Goldie with Rex on Mr. T, just back from filming on location in Texas.   Seven Days in Utopia (2011) is a new film about a professional golfer who finds himself on a horse ranch and Mr. T had a scene in a rain storm rearing to drop a stunt rider doubling for the principal actress.  T is back in New York for another day on Arthur (2011), a film we worked on this summer with Jennifer Garner and Russell Brand.

Vanessa Rides Tony the Pony

Vanessa enjoys a late summer afternoon ride on Tony after she rode Allez around the paddocks with me.  V is only 3 years old and already showing her talent and love of riding!

Beautiful Summer Day at Windrock

After a fun day hacking through the hunt trails, Mary, Wyatt, Lauren and I took a trip over to the Dutchess County Fair where we visited  cows, goats, sheep, pigs and other animals.  The birthing center had baby animals of many breeds.  We had the famous milk shakes and ate fair food until we were stuffed.  Wyatt won a giant banana that he gave to a little boy who was admiring it.  It was a fun day at the fair with unusually cool weather.  I have never experienced the fair with no sweat and humidity.