Clinic With Cari

Contact Cari to schedule a clinic at your barn.  Every clinic is customized to fit the needs of each client and horse combination where everyone learns from each other.  Individual sessions are one hour or groups of 4 riders are two hour sessions.  Cari brings a wealth of knowledge from all aspects of the horse world and everyone is inspired to become a better horsewoman and horseman.


Ground Control


Teaching horsemanship begins on the ground.  I teach everyone how to read their horse and communicate effectively on the ground before mounting.  Horses read your energy so it is important to always remain calm and relaxed.  Horses will immediately pick up on high energy, anger or fear.  I help people work through these emotions to find a calm place to work within.


Believe it or not, most people do not know how to lead their horse.  They either allow the horse to pass them or are pulling them along.  Cari will help you teach your horse to respect you and follow your body language.


Listo jumping Locust Hill

Cari teaches jumping clinics to help riders improve balance and rhythm to the fence.  Working with each individual to improve confidence and relaxation to build a more solid partnership with their horse.  Clients enjoy the fun atmosphere while overcoming fear and difficulties.

Show Jumping


In the 1920’s show jumping had a much different style than today.  Cari’s grandmother jumps Grayless in perfect balance in an upright position with no helmut and a piece of leather for a saddle!


Compare the modern style of jumping with Cari  sailing over an oxer at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Show in Ohio.   Cari will train you to ride in balance and use your turns to set up for the next obstacle.  Her experience in the show ring and training with accomplished riders will help you reach your goals.


Cari Swanson and Bond

Build confidence and improve your dressage scores with Cari in a lesson designed to help you understand the movements required in each test at every level.  As a USDF Silver Medalist, Cari will help you learn to never force your horse but rather use exercises to allow the movements to happen.  Horses perform all the movements in nature so it is up to the rider to allow the horse to perform in harmony.

Improve Your Dressage Scores


Cari can help you improve your dressage scores at every level by teaching you what the judges are looking for in each movement.  As a graduate of the USDF L Judges Program, Cari has learned important insights while sitting with prominent judges at C. There are many ways to earn higher scores if you know the test and where each movement begins and ends.  You may think you had a perfect halt but forgot the score includes the approach down center line!  Learn the rules and simple techniques to raise your scores!

Trick Training


Teaching your horse tricks is an excellent way to develop  a clear communication and trust.  Cari teaches all of her horses to go to the mark which is basically a time out from work.  This comes in handy when you want your horse to stand still and be patient.  Every horse will learn to seek the mark for a break.  Remember that horses are lazy by nature and prefer resting.


Teaching your horse to bow is always fun!  Impress the judge at your next show with a thank you.

Obstacle Course

noodle-in-noodles noodlejump

Train on the obstacle course at Windrock Farm to expose your horse to many unusual situations.  Cari trains all of her horses on the course to prepare them to be on a movie set or stage.  Individual or group lessons are available.

Behind the Scenes on a Movie Set


Listo owned by Ashley Waller is the equine actor playing ‘Horse’ with Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe in Warner Brothers film Winters Tale.     Did you know there are many different kinds on snow on a movie set?  Paper snow, foam snow, ice snow, plastic snow, real snow, spray on snow-the list is endless.  Cari speaks to pony clubs, 4-H clubs, or any other group fascinated with how a horse works on a film set.  A dynamic slide show invites the audience  behind the scenes on a film or commercial.


Cari has worked with talented actors including Ethan Hawke (in photo),  Russell Crowe, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Russell Brand, Ray Stevenson, Haley Bennett, Jonathan Groff, Clive Owen, Dan Stevens among many others.


Cari Swanson with RJ at Windrock Farm

Improve your western riding with simple exercises to improve lateral work, rein back, circles and trail.  Learn how to improve your confidence and trust in your horse.

Building Confidence


Can you trust your horse to come into the house and behave?  Cari trains all of her horses to walk through small doorways and enter all the rooms of her house to build confidence in new and foreign situations.  This is vital to working with a horse on set where there are many distractions and often strange footing.  Cari will teach you many ways to work with your horse to build trust.


Essential Oils 101

Learn how to use essential oils on your horse to support his health and well being.  Workshops are held at Windrock Farm and can be scheduled at your barn.  There are many uses for the oils including treating soreness, bruising, swelling, scratches, anxiety, infection, fly repellent to name a few.  Click on the link below to discover more information about the oils.