RJ’s 4 Year Old Filly on Obstacle Course

Mr. T from Dreamer and Secretariat films, leads RJ’s 4 year old filly through the tarp with Fiona and Simon last weekend,

this is a fun obstacle course that gives all riders more confidence and ability to navigate anything.

Windrock Farm Clinic

After schooling all the horses through the obstacle course, we went on a hack to cool the horses down.  Many of the horses did not like the tarp initially, but everyone was successful at working through all he obstacles….including walking under a tarp, over a tarp, over logs, through hanging plastic bottles, backing around a tree, and various cross country jumps.  These are excellent exercises to improve your communication with your horse.  Jumpers, Dressage and Event horses improve each day.

Ride Your Horse Through Obstacle Course

Come to the Rex Peterson Clinic this weekend at Windrock Farm and train your horse to walk through the obstacle course…take the spook out of your horse and improve communication with him.   Contact cari@cariswanson.com to sign up

Levi-Small Large Welsh X Pony For Sale

Levi is a confident bold jumper, he has a motor, great personality,

loves cross country, uncomplicated to ride, super event, dressage or hunter prospect.

Spring Fever in Virginia

Congratulations to Chip for his first foal of the season, this handsome colt is beautiful, smart and has a great sense of humor at one month old.  We just returned from a quick road trip to VA to drop off a horse and pick up a pony and have a quick layover at Chip’s farm in Berryville where Spring is in full bloom.

Learning to Ride

Learning to ride at Windrock Farm

sometimes hanging out with Webster is the best thing to do on a sunny afternoon….

Rules to Ride By

go slowly to go fast

patience, patience, patience

take one step at at time

Ride bareback to improve your balance

(excerpted from the new book Whoa Means Whoa! available soon)

Whoa Means Whoa!

Order the book, Whoa Means Whoa! at the web site

This is a useful guide for training kids or anyone how to ride.  Simple lessons teach the basics every rider should know whether you are entering the show arena or hacking across country.  Beautiful photographs and illustrations help the rider learn the correct position to become an effective equestrian.

Sliding stop illustration by Mary Bridgman.