Some Horses Love to Play Ball

Come meet Rex at the next clinic at Windrock Farm April 16-17-18 and learn how to do this with your horse.

Taking the Spook Out of Your Horse

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Hollywood Horse, Trigger with Roy Rogers

Trigger and all of his doubles were trained by the great horseman, Glenn Randall, Sr.  Rex had the honor to learn from this master horse trainer for nearly two decades.  Glenn could train a horse to do anything, including “empty out” on command.  This video is a great tribute to the legendary horse and his partner.

Buffalo Bill Lives Forever

I have been watching old John Wayne and Roy Rogers movies and recently found this hilarious video on youtube showing the Cowboy is everywhere.

Driving Three-Up in California

There are many ways to teach a horse to drive, but the fastest and safest is to put the novice horse in between two seasoned driving horses who will tell him what to do.  He will have no choice but to turn when the others turn, stop when they stop and move forward with them.  They quickly learn the best choice is to get with the program.  Tyler, Ryan, Rex and I drove across the valley in Tehachapi.  Click here for more information on how to train your horse.

Whoa Means Whoa! Teaching Kids to Ride Horses

These snow storms are allowing me more time to create fun videos, here is a teaser to the new book, WHOA MEANS WHOA! which will be available April 1.  Let me know what you think!

Know the Eventing Rules for Your Level

Remember the film Sylvester?  This was a famous horse film from 1985 about a young girl who becomes a successful eventing athlete with her gray horse.  Several horses trained by Rex Peterson played the role of Sylvester.  Supertramp was the amazing show jumper seen here sailing over a very wide truck.  He came from the show jumping world because he refused to jump in spite of his amazing talent.  Rex re-schooled him for the film, helping him find his confidence again.   This film inspired many young riders to compete in the world of eventing.

As you prepare for the eventing season, it is important that you study the new rules and be prepared for your competitions.  Take this down time in the winter to read the new rules.

And go out and rent Sylvester if you have not seen it in a while to inspire you for the new season.

Cache Jr. Walking the Plank Again

You can see how Cache Jr. is gaining more and more confidence walking the plank, he is very careful to put his feet on secure footing.  This kind of extreme training takes hours of practice and patience….it is amazing what you can teach your horse if you take the time to explain to him what you want and give him the opportunity to learn to have the confidence.