Bugsy and Blaze

Blaze is starting to show his personality more every day, here you can see how regal he can be.  Bugsy is very independent and curious like his daddy, and Blaze is more reserved.  They are starting to play together every day, especially in the late afternoon when it cools down.  Bugsy is now 8 weeks old and a tank, Blaze is 5 weeks old and as tall as his brother.

New Colt Born 4.21.11

Another colt by RJ out of Bay Prive, he is stunning and has a sweet disposition, he is very friendly, walking up to anyone in the field.  Bay is a wonderful mama and Bugsy is thrilled to have a buddy to play with.

Webster at Windrock Farm

Webster is an integral part of Windrock Farm and as you can see one of his specialties is hugging, come visit soon and meet the mascot of the farm.  Suzanne Clair Guard captured this image on a recent visit.

Vanessa and Flo on Allez

Spring riding with Flo and Vanessa at Windrock Farm.  The snow is finally gone and we are enjoying hacks across country watching the buds come alive.

Meet Mr. T and RJ at The Meadow Park, Doswell, VA

RJ and Mr. T will be giving a demo at 2pm at the Meadow Horse Park in Doswell, VA as part of the 40th year Birthday Bash for the amazing Big Red, Secretariat.  Come visit the park and meet us in the stables, or at the arena.  Check for upcoming demos and clinics on our web site  Swanson Peterson Producions

Training In Aiken

We have been working on many different breeds of horses with a variety of issues to correct.  This walking horse was a champion in the show arena and is now a trail horse.  Because of his training for the class caused him to have flashbacks while mounting and moving off for the first few steps.

We have been working with Chiller to build his confidence to stand quietly and not panic in the first step off.  He is improving every day and is incredibly comfortable to ride.

The Importance of Desensityzing your Horse

Cari ~ “I just wanted to let you guys know that Arabel had a massage tonight and was so relaxed after today’s session that she actually fell asleep on the cross ties.  Arabel is usually grinding her teeth and pawing on the cross ties.  Wow ~ what a difference already in just one session. AMAZING!!” –Karen

This young TB mare was rescued from the killers, finding a new home in a luxurious barn in NY.  She had some baggage from her experience at the track and everyone was giving up on her with the exception of the one person who believed in her.  Karen called us as a last resort and after meeting this mare, we believe she was simply misunderstood.  A highly intelligent mare with outstanding bloodlines, she completely transformed after one session of desensitizing, we will continue to work with her and build her confidence so that her owner can enjoy safe fun rides in the near future.

We believe all horses benefit from this easy lesson in building confidence.  All of our horses, young or old, go through this important lesson as a foundation to their training.  .


For those of you who have been following this gifted horse, he has transformed from a known convict to a reformed athlete.  You can always refresh your memory by visiting Tristan-convicted felon on our youtube channel, lexington17.  Subscribe to our channel and watch him continue to progress through our training system.  This is an excellent example of how the correct training can bring out the full potential in any horse very quickly.