Training & Sales

Cari’s training philosophy is the same when riding cross country courses,  over stadium jumps,  in a dressage arena, or on a film set: harmony between horse and rider. To achieve this goal, instruction focuses on teaching riders to work with their heads as well as their seat, legs and hands. The rider must consider the mind, body and spirit of their horse.  That means listening to the horses, learning from them and understanding each one is an individual and has something different to teach the rider. To reach a good partnership, the rider must show compassion and understanding for the horse’s needs and problems. Cari helps riders learn to communicate clearly with their horses and encourages riders to be challenged and rewarded for reaching realistic goals. The most important result is a confident, happy horse and rider combination.

Many years of experience in the horse world allows Cari to offer expert advice in building or re-designing your equine facility. From initial design, location and layout of the buildings to refining the details necessary to create a functional safe environment for your horses. Cari has access to all the necessary resources you will need to build and maintain an efficient horse farm including local vets, farriers, and feed suppliers. Through her contacts in the horse world, Cari can assist you in finding a barn manager, grooms or any other staff required.

Windrock is a healthy, safe and pleasant stable where horses feel secure and comfortable. The farm offers boarders a wonderful, full-service facility with an emphasis on attention to a horse’s individual needs and requirements. By keeping board limited to a select client base, each horse receives a level of personal care resulting in happier, healthier horses. We help to bring out their true personalities and enable them to excel in their training program.

Windrock Farm provides 24-hour supervision and service, with acres of lush paddocks for turnout, top vet and farrier services, and a nutritional program based on each horse’s requirements. Horses are stabled in clean, spacious stalls with fans for the summer season and heated water buckets during the winter. Blanketing, wrapping and grooming are provided on a daily basis.

Horse trainer/Horse Wrangler for Film, Commercials and Print
Cari has used her knowledge of training horses and riders in various arenas of the equestrian world to work with top film and television producers and directors. When Cari worked with Academy Award winner Ang Lee on his film “Taking Woodstock” (2009), he remarked that “Cari gets the shot every time, her horses hit their mark for each take, even when the human actors do not”.  One of the lead actors, Jonathan Groff (Michael Lang) says “I went from 0-100 in horseback riding in 2 weeks.  The experience of learning to ride from Cari was one of the highlights of shooting the film”,  the New York Times remarked “that Groff looked knightlike on his steed at the end of the film.”

Cari has also provided horses for documentaries, television, editorial and print ads as well. This work in front of the camera demonstrates the high level of mastery Cari has attained with horses in her career. A combination of talented and highly trained horses with a masterful trainer is demanded when working with inexperienced actors in front of cameras for long days of production.