Winter Riding

Riding in the winter can be challenging at times with inclement weather and inconsistent footing. Take advantage of fresh snow fall and ride your horse cross country galloping up the hills and across fields. Always take care on ice, and be sure your horse is shod properly with winter shoes of snow ball pads and studs. Wear a quarter sheet if your horse is clipped or heavily blanketed to keep him warm and comfortable. Make sure you cool your horse out before dressing him up in heavy blankets after a solid workout. Riding your horse in the snow is an excellent opportunity to practice all your movements, transitions and accuracy. This is an ideal time to check your geometry and count your strides. The fresh foot falls will allow you to visualize the patterns and movements. Remember, do not allow your horse to become bored and stale by riding all winter indoors, he needs to play and have fun outside on occasion.

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