How to Ride Your Centerline

Enter the arena with your eyes up on the judge at C. Ride with straight with more impulsion than you think you need, prepare for your halt at L with half halts and sink your heels and seat into a perfect square halt at X. The haunches will not drift to either side if you have enought impulsion and you are sitting balanced and straight on both seat bones, looking straight ahead. Imagine riding a bike very slowly down center line, it is diffuclut to balance, however, if you ride with more speed it is easier to stay balanced and straight. If you are riding straight and balanced and dealing with something the horse is spooking at, you may have to override the outside aids to compensate for your horse to remain straight. However the key is your position, check it out and make sure you are correct.

March Madness

The puppies are starting to explore the outside world, playing in the garden and chasing each other around the house. They are all integrated with the older dogs and cats now, growing fast.

Thor the Agility Superstar

Uncle Thor shows his talents over the agility course with his owner Chloe Field.

Here is the Grandfather of the latest litter

Tuesday after the Storm

Here is the father to all of the puppies,Valur who is a tricolor and resides in Maine

Freya and Oden playing by the water bowl, Apollo and Atlas sleeping, Eros on the boot

Uncle Dash and the Puppies

Dash shows the puppies how to eat a carrot, the pups are enjoying chewing on the carrots to sooth their sore teeth.


Puppies in a Drawer

Eros, Atlas, Freja, Oden and Apollo discover the drawers to hide in, every day they run through the dressing room and kitchen for excercise and look for new things to chew or hide in. Today they went outside for the first time for a trip to the vet, they all weigh in at 6 pounds, with the exception of Atlas who is a porky 7 pounder. They were very relaxed in the truck and well behaved at the vets office, but they came home and collapsed from the outing.