Zeke in the Kitchen

zeke kitchen

Taking a break in the kitchen after a long hack cross country.

Robert Duvall

duvall RDJboat

Flashback Friday, a great evening on Robert Downey Jr.’s boat at the wrap party for The Judge. RDJ and his wife were the perfect hosts on a lovely yacht in the Boston Harbor.

Goldie on set of Person of Interest

goldie poi

Goldie was  a star on set, working with the stunt doubles and the cast of Person of Interest.  She is following in her fathers footsteps as a true professional on set, RJ is very proud of her.



Outstanding Mind and Athletic Ability-2011 Thoroughbred Mare

Trixie snow walk

Trixie has the temperament to do anything!  She approaches every new task with a positive can do attitude, nothing rattles her.  She has the athletic ability to jump, perform elegant dressage, and gallop cross country fences.  If you are looking for a super athlete with a great mind then you should try Trixie. 

Zeke on Set

IMG_5158 IMG_5151IMG_5154IMG_5160Zeke is checking out the set and waiting for the Director and DP to set up the shot.  He admires himself in the mirror which is reflecting light on him to compensate for the grey overcast day and lack of light.


Zeke on set of Moon

IMG_5151 IMG_5154 IMG_5158 IMG_5160

Zeke working on set in the kitchen.  He is enjoying his reflection in the mirror and checking out what is

on the counter, looking for a tasty morsel.