Know the Eventing Rules for Your Level

Remember the film Sylvester?  This was a famous horse film from 1985 about a young girl who becomes a successful eventing athlete with her gray horse.  Several horses trained by Rex Peterson played the role of Sylvester.  Supertramp was the amazing show jumper seen here sailing over a very wide truck.  He came from the show jumping world because he refused to jump in spite of his amazing talent.  Rex re-schooled him for the film, helping him find his confidence again.   This film inspired many young riders to compete in the world of eventing.

As you prepare for the eventing season, it is important that you study the new rules and be prepared for your competitions.  Take this down time in the winter to read the new rules.

And go out and rent Sylvester if you have not seen it in a while to inspire you for the new season.