Working with Colin Farrell on Winters Tale

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To whom it may concern,

I had the great fortune to spend many months working with Cari Swanson between August 2012 and around February 2013.

I was shooting a film named Winters Tale in New York City during what was a brutally cold winter. The conditions were hard on all concerned and yet I have many fond memories from that time. Working with Cari was one of my fondest of those memories. Her love and deep deep care and regard for the horses that she let me ride while training, plus the animals that were eventually used for filming, was so obvious and beautiful to observe.

Cari nearly died in a horse riding accident. That she would literally get back in the saddle and spend her life committed to the love and care and training of horses is a testament to the fact that they are her one true passion in life.

I have worked with many horse trainers through the years. If only they were all as patient and compassionate and learned as Cari.

All best
Colin Farrell.