Training with Will Faudree

Will is one of this countries top eventing riders. He has ridden at the recent World Equestrian Games in Aachen as well as galloping into top placings at Badmiton, Fairhill, Morven Park, Bromont and Rolex over the last few years. Although he is only 25, Will is wise beyond his years, having achieved more than many riders and trainers do in a lifetime. His success is due to his professionalism and perfectionist character that he applies to every aspect of his life. Watching him school a horse on the flat or jumping is like watching a surgeon carefully analyze the situation and calculate what must be done. This always results in an improved performance with a confident and happy horse.

When riding for time in stadium or cross country, he says the winner is the rider who can slow down time. That is take it easy, relaxed and remain focused on slowing it all down. He rode one of the most beautiful rides on Antigua, affectionately known as Brad, through the water at Rolex last year with effortless ease while most riders were having serious problems. When asked what his strategy was, he said he was thinking in slow motion.
Will is exciting to watch and will be out at the early events in Aiken in February.