Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Perform at Madison Square Garden

Last Saturday night, I attended the concert of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at Madison Square Garden in New York City. I have never been to a country western concert and had no idea what to expect. There were more cowboy hats in one room than I had ever seen, including at Quarter Horse Congress. Many generations of families came out to experience this unique concert of a superstar couple performing their many hits.

Although I knew some of the one hit wonders like Breathe, Live Like You Are Dying, and Firefly, the other songs were new to me. I was amazed at how the audience sang every word of each song with incredible devotion t0 their favorite group. Looking around the arena at over 35,000 people loving this music was a very powerful experience. We were seated in the fifth row on the floor between 2 sections of the stage so that we could see the performers from 10 feet away. Both performers are charismatic and beautiful people, extremely gracious to the fans. The almost 3 hour concert had no break, with the couple performing a song and then Faith performing for one hour followed by another duet and finally Tim taking over until the end. They paced themselves throughout the performance, moving in and out of the audience to make contact with the fans. They did not seem to care that the fans wanted to touch them and shake their hands.

In the end Tim tossed out his guitar pick into the audience where it sailed though the air– landing under my chair. As I picked it up and noticed his signature on the pick, I felt some good luck wash over me. If you ever have a chance to go to their concert, I would highly recommend it.