Starting Young Horses

Started the chestnut filly a week ago, she wanted to buck but we would not let her, she tried everything but would not be allowed to be ignorant so now a week into her training she is obedient and listening to the legs and hands and seat of the rider.


Bella learns to canter along side her stablemate, Tuff who teaches her how to stay in forward motion, using the horses natural instinct to be part of the herd helps them learn quickly with little fight.


Started the grey warmblood, he is 6 years old and never been broke.  He is a sensitive horse, has learned to steer and move off the leg with many circles around the arena in walk and then trot.  Whenever he drifts away from the track, we circle and point him back toward to track, until he wants to stay out there.  This is a very intelligent willing horse.