Feeding Garlic to Horses

I believe in treating all of my animals holistically and naturally whenever possible. It is much more efficient to allow the body to heal from within, allowing for optimum health. I do not like to treat ailments and illness with drugs that mask the symptoms. As we enter Spring and Summer, the fly and tick season is upon us. To help our horses combat these annoying pests, I recommend adding a garlic powder supplement to your feeding program.

Garlic is one of most effective natural healing substances in the world. It is an anit-oxidant, anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-infection, anti-parasitic, anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti fungal, tonic, high in sulfure, richin aminao acids and will not harm friendly intestinal bacteria.

A horse needs between half an ounce to 2 ounces per day depending on the size. You can feed it in powder form as a supplement in your daily feed routine. This will not only build his immune system, but it will also help defend him against flies and ticks. You can purchase this supplement from Equilite.com.