Dutchess County is Horse Country

Some of you own and ride horses as a sport and passion, constantly seeking the perfect connection of balance and harmony, which results from clear communication with your partner. Many other people simply enjoy horses from afar, watching them in films, reading about them in stories, or simply watching them graze and gallop across the local countryside. Horses seem to permeate every aspect of our lives in Dutchess County. It is impossible to drive anywhere without passing a horse in a field along the road.

Many people move to this area because of one or many horses. Others are enchanted by the feeling of living in “horse country”. No matter what you will be drawn into the world of the horse. From early Spring until late Fall you will have the opportunity to watch world class horses compete at local three day events, show jumping venues or dressage competitions. This is an opportune time to observe talented riders and horses warming up and competing. I remember years ago, a wonderful old horseman and trainer advised me to watch the best trainers from all disciplines to learn how to better communicate with the horse. This advice has served me well, allowing me to integrate new ideas and techniques from many disciplines into my daily training, accessing important knowledge from the universe of the horse. So be careful not to limit yourself, take advantage of the wealth of information in your backyard, get out there and enjoy the many aspects of the horse world in this community.