Dressage 4 Kids

The 8th annual Dressage 4 Kids competition is August 11-13 at Hits in Saugerties, NY. This exciting weekend is for riders under 21 to compete in various age groups for wonderful prizes. The competition was conceived of by Lendon Gray to encourage young riders under 21 to become true horseman. The goal of the program is to create riders who understand the correct position, to develop competive skills, to have knowledge of all aspects of horse care and riding, to offer scholarships to enable competitors to continue their education, and most importantly to have fun and develop good sportsmanship.

Competitors must meet the requirement of qualifying with two scores and come from 10 countries and 25 states. They hail from the worlds of eventing, jumping, hunters, pony club and trail riding. Many of them form teams with fun names like the Beau Jesters to compete against each other.

This is a fun learning experience and a great place to meet other young riders. For more information check out the web site www.dressage4kids.com.