Word of Wisdom from Tony Mason

“One should endeavor at all times to strive for a state of Grace between oneself and one’s horse, where communication is discussed with a thought and a slight shift of weight or pelvic angle, maybe backed up with the leg or hand. However, all attempts to ‘ride’ a horse result in a greater loss of performance as a horse despises interference and agitation. The more calm the rider, the finer the horse will go and indeed step into a joy in the energy, which he will never display with a busy and confusing rider. It would be better if the word ‘ride’ had not been invented pertaining to horses, because people think they must ride…I am thinking that perhaps, maybe by staying on with the balance, the slightest tip or pressure of weight here or there could indicate the balance to go that way and if a rider is quiet with his body and hands then the horse will move quietly under him, where the balance is transferred. However, a rider who cannot give up on the reins and kicks indiscriminantely blocks out the horse who has no idea what is being asked of him, while the rider’s busy-ness creates a stiff back.”