Turn on the Haunches

The purpose of the turn on the haunches is to improve the horse’s obedience to the aids and to improve balance and collection. This movement is introduced at second level when collection becomes important. The proper execution of this movement is the horse’s forehand moves in even, quiet, regular steps around the horse’s inner hind leg while maintaining the rhythm of the walk. The horse is slightly bent in the direction in which he is turning. In the half turn on the haunches, the horse is not required to step with its inside hind leg in the same spot each time it leaves the ground but may move slightly forward. Backing or loss of rhythm are serious faults. Other common faults include the horse getting stuck, lack of energy, the horse is not obedient to the aids, the horse comes above the bit or steps out. Take care to maintain the rhythm and energy for a successful turn on the haunches.

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