Travers is a movement used to perfect and manivest the results of the shoulder-in; engagement of the quarters, collection, as well as lateral bend, and suppleness of the quarters. It is the increased engagement of the inside hind leg, which has to bend more to carry the increased weight. The execution is that the horse is slightly bent around the inside leg of the rider. The horse’s outside hind leg passes and crosses in front of the inside leg. the outside foreleg is placed in front of the inside foreleg. The horse is looking in the direction in which he is moving. The rider should feel the increased engagement of the hindquarters, in other words the inside hind leg taking up more weight. The horse should maintain the rhythm and balance without losing impulsion. The most common faults in this movement is too much or too little angle, lack of bend or even counter bent, and loss of rhythm. This is an important movement in the training scale which prepares the horse for half pass and eventually pirouettes.