The Disney film “Hidalgo” (2004)

Thousands of fans still gush over the film Hidalgo. Released over 4 years ago, it is hard to believe that this film has captured the hearts of many horse lovers around the world and is still present in their minds.  Here RJ is being tuned up by his trainer Rex Peterson.

For those of you in the dark, “Hidalgo” featured Viggo Mortensen, who shared screen time with a cast of 5 USA Paint (APHA) Horses, in a turn of the century adventure story, based roughly on the true story of Frank Hopkins.

Dust and tears of the classic epic Westerns like Lonesome Dove combined with the action of Lord of the Rings and the familiar faces of Hollywood stars Viggo and Omar Sharif (Dr. Zhivago). The less known stars are the five four legged horses trained by Rex Peterson who each portray the title named Mustang -Hidalgo. RH Tecondender who went home with Viggo after shooting, RJ Masterbug who left with Rex and is now residing at my farm, Ima Stage Mount Two-Oscar who lives with the Director, Impressivelybetter and Honky Tonkin Tuff.

The story line was artfully crafted by John Fusco, (Young Guns, and Spirit).  The action sequences were filmed in Morocco, California, and Montana tells the story of a Western Horse and rider who are challenged to race the bedouin endurance riders in a traditional race across the desert on their Arabians.  Of course there are many dramatic turns as the underdog Hopkins on his horse Hidalgo race to the finish and win against all odds.

RJ and I travel around the country meeting his fans and hear many stories of how he touched their souls.  The passion and enthusiasm around him allows for the possibility of a sequel.  I know RJ is up for another film.