SEPTEMBER 15 CLINIC: Different Controlling Techniques

Regal with Ruben taking the tongue Ruben is demonstrating the important technique of taking the tongue of the horse. The mouth is one of the defense mechanisms of the horse, when there is danger he can bite. By taking the tongue it shows the horse that the trainer has the authority of this weapon. This is also very pleasureable for the horse once he accepts giving the tongue, he enjoys the massage and it calms his entire being.

Dennis under saddle: Lateral and Longitudinal Control Ruben is demonstrating lateral control and teaching how to read the many signals of a tense horse and how to alleviate the tension by using lateral control. He first allows the horse to take a few steps and controls the movement by flexing the neck to one side, releasing when the horse flexes in the poll and is relaxing the neck. By increasing the time the horse moves longitutadally before taking the lateral control, the horse learns to listen to the riders aids and will be less likely to perform bad behaviour such as bucking, rearing or bolting.

Regal tongue

Dennis under saddle