“Secretariat” Filming in Lexington, KY

secretariat lexington

Here is the view from the grandstands at Keenland in Lexington, KY where Disney is filming scenes for “Secretariat”. Dean Semler (“The Cowboy Way”, “Appaloosa”, Dances with Wolves”) set up several cameras on the track to shoot various scenes of the movie. Dean is a master of using several cameras to capture several scenes with one set up. Hundreds of extras showed up to fill the grandstands for the shot of the Belmont win. Several horses portray Secretariat depending on the shot, some are better for the close up shots and others are fast runners. Randy Wallace (“Braveheart”) directs Diane Lane who stars as Penny Tweedy and John Malkovich as the trainer.  Rex Peterson is the Horse Trainer working with Rusty Hendrickson, Horse Wrangler.  Over 30 horses are being used for the film, with several stepping in to portray the uber-athlete Secretariat.