“Secretariat” Back in the Press with New Disney Film

Pete Axthelm, who never saw a racetrack he did not wish to attend, glided across the typing turf.

On the cover of Time magazine... Super Horse“Secretariat generates a crackling tension and excitement wherever he goes,” Axthelm wrote. “Even in the kind of gray weather that shrouds lesser animals in anonymity, Secretariat’s muscular build identifies him immediately; his glowing reddish coat is a banner of health and rippling power. Magnificent enough at rest … when he accelerates … he produces a breathtaking explosion that leaves novices and hardened horsemen alike convinced that, for one of those moments that seldom occur in any sport, they have witnessed genuine greatness.”

Rex Peterson is the Horse Trainer on “Secretariat” currently filming on location.

Photo by Ken Regan-Camera Five