Sales horse ORION: Results from recent clinics

WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING A HORSE, it is nice to know what he or she has been doing the past couple of weeks. Orion has been working hard and been getting excellent results. See below recent clinics attended and the clinicians’ comments:

Peter Leone Clinic at Winley Farm, Millbrook, NY: 3’6″ division, very bold and honest to the jumps, impressive capacity to learn new exercises. Peter thinks he would be a good Junior Jumper.

Judy Richter Clinic at Coker Farm: Gymnastics to improve balance and straightness, worked with complex figure 8 exercises over narrow walls and cavaletti. Orion maintained a super rhythm to the fences. Judy suggests an Equitation rider who is looking for a fancy horse.

Locust Hill Hunter Pace: Pleasant Valley, NY: jumped over 30 fences cross country including drops, walls, water jumps, ditches, coops, natural fences. He was bold and brave to everything, led the group of three, also fell behind and was fine following, shows talent for eventing.

Heritage Farm: Patricia Griffith suggested he would make a super Junior Jumper. Orion jumped around the indoor course at 3’3″?3’6″ without touching a rail and did not back off any of the spooky jumps. She said many made horses stop at the fences because they are carved trees, or other unusual jumps.

Orion Hunter Pace
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