Ride a Schoolmaster

Learning to ride correctly is challenging and can be frustrating at times. The best teacher of all is the well trained schoolmaster who will perform only when you sit correctly. Very few riders have a sophisticated balanced seat, however, it is quite possible to obtain if you are lucky enough to train on a seasoned pro who will teach you how to sit correctly.

It takes years of training to become a top level dressage horse. Therefore you are looking at schoolmasters in their late teens and early 20’s. Do not be put off by age, if managed properly and cross trained, they remain sound well into their 20’s.

Several lessons on a Schoolmaster can teach you the timing and feel of the aids that may otherwise take you years to understand. These horses have an incredible sense of balance which can train your mind and body what to look for when riding your horse.

If you ever have the opportunity to ride one of these equine encyclopedia’s, jump at the chance! Although I have trained with some of the top trainers in the world, I believe the most valuable lessons that have taught me are on the well trained schoolmasters who insist on perfection.