New Training DVD’s

Learning to ride is a lifelong endeavor. Riding is a constant challenge for me as I seek to feel the invisible connection of harmony with my horses.

It was tremendous fortune when a mutual friend insisted I meet Tony Mason. We share the same phylosophy of working with horses. That is tuning into each individual horse’s character and talent to find a common ground for communication. I have always been a firm believer in cross training all of my horses (eventing, jumpers,dressage), instinctively knowing they were happier and healthier horses.

Each lesson with Tony is a journey where we discover new secrets of communication while attempting to achieve our goal. He begins each day with a plan, however, remaining flexible when something else evolves. The combination of his psychic abilities, solid classical training methods, and sheer joy of life produces magical dances each day. By training the muscles from the inside out over time, my horses are strong and supple achieving peak performance.

During our training sessions together I realized it was important to share this amazing experience and thus our company, The Horse’s Eye was born. Tony was reticent because of the danger of our words being misinterpreted in translation, however he finally agreed if our sessions are presented as works in progress. These tapes will allow you to experience the harmony of three spheres, the teacher, the rider and the horse. Our idea is to include you in the journey of discovery and show you the remarkable results in spite of inevitable errors and mistakes that are crucial to learning. Enjoy these sessions which I hope you can learn from and allow you to dance with your horse.

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