Tony Mason Clinics

It is my pleasure to invite you to a clinic at Windrock Farm to be given by Mr. Tony Mason, known as the man who talks to horses.

I have been working with Tony with several of my horses and find that we are making tremendous progress in communicating more effectively and clearly.

Mr. Mason was always known as a horse psychic, healer and Master trainer of the “Old School”, long before the titles of Horse Whisperer etc. were invented and everybody jumped on the bandwagon. Using these powers and his profound knowledge of horses and riding techniques gained from a lifetime around these creatures, he produces results, which often leave the rider quite surprised and thrilled. From the moment the rider walks into the arena with Mr. Mason she quickly learns she or he are in for a special experience and leave looking at the horse and their riding in a different way and with a fresh eye.

Tony was born in India in the last days of the Raj and was one of the last of the “colonial brats”, just as he is respected as one of the last trainers in the World who still insist on and know the old ways. No gimmicks, tricks, or cruelty. Tony uses simple “horse logic” in his training and thorougly explains and discusses the work with you, giving you a deeper understanding of the whys and wherefores of the work.

At the age of twelve he returned to England where his formal riding education began. In 1969 he won the Winston Churchill Memorial Felowship, which brought him to the USA, where he has now lived since 1970 as a US citizen. During his twenty five years as a V.P. and designer of menswear for such notable names as Oscar De La Rena, Pierre Cardin, John Weitz, Le Tigre and Stetson, he was able to travel all over the world and incorporate training sessions with notable masters such as Herr Kurshner, retired instructor of the German Cavalry and continues to work with Karl Mikolka, ex Senior Rider of the Spanish Riding School. Mr. Mason takes his psychic poers, his healing ability and his profound knowledge of riding and training to produce winners on the East Coast. He as taught clinics in Holland, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Italy and today teaches regularly in England and France.

I highly recommend any serious rider who seeks a deeper understanding of communicating with their horse to meet and train with Tony. He is not only a remarkable trainer but an inspiring human being who has survived against all odds. He is a rare survivor of two organ transplant operations, a liver in 1992 and a kidney last year.

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