Lessons at Windrock Farm

I have been taking dressage lessons with Cari on and off over several years. Although I ride on my own and with trainers in other disciplines, I love to come back to Cari on a regular basis to take advantage of her keen eye, insightful critique, creative exercises, and diverse group of well-trained horses.

Cari always quickly finds the minor (and sometimes major!) irregularities in my body and posture that I was forgetting. She is very clear in pointing out how those problems are affecting the movement of the horse. She is rigorous and demanding, but maintains a sense of humor, making lessons invigorating and fun.

Cari has an amazingly broad repertoire of exercises and metaphors to draw upon, and I find she can always find a fresh way to explain what I am doing right and wrong. Sometimes it is that fresh explanation that makes all the difference in learning! Because of her own experience under a variety of instructors and in several disciplines, Cari has many different methods of teaching to draw upon. Lessons are never repetitive and dull. I can count on Cari to pull out a new and interesting challenge just when I need it!

The diversity of horses available for lessons is also helpful to me. Riding a horse with different movement and different “buttons” from my own horse is guaranteed to help me be more balanced, precise and deliberate as a rider. I value being able to learn from her schoolmasters, who are, after all, great teachers themselves.

-Ona Kiser
Sharon, CT