Learning to Feel Your Horse

There are many horse trainers, however, there are very few true horseman. The sign of a genuine horseman is one who feels his horse. They shine like stars among the average trainers because their horses are happy and obedient. Becoming a true horseman should be the goal of anyone wanting to work with horses. There is no magic involved, simply patience and understanding the nature of the horse will allow you to achieve greater success with few problems. First of all you must listen to your horse, recognizing when he is paying attention to you. This is essential for clear communication. Once you have his undivided attention, be very clear about what you are asking him to do. Always remember to prepare him for the question, setting him up for success. The first thing to focus on is where your horses feet are. Learn to move with your horse, influencing each footfall so that the timing of the aids achieves an immediate result. Spend time with your horse observing when each foot is on the ground in each gait. This will take patience and practice, ultimately becoming highly rewarding when you successfully influence his movements. Remember, horses want to please, and it is up to us to understand how to communicate clearly. Problems almost always result from lack of preperation or understanding, not because the horse wants to misbehave. Each horse is an individual and a great teacher, so all you need to do is learn to listen and feel your horse.