How do I become a Working Student?

Many farms offer working student positions throughout the year at varying intervals. First of all identify what you want to learn and then find a farm that teaches your disicpline. Be prepared to ask some basic questions, what are the farm’s expectations of you and what do you want to learn out of the experience. Are accomadation and meals included? Are there other students at the same time? Windrock Farm offers this opportunity to day students as well as those from other countries who stay at the farm. During the summer there may New York Siteseeingbe as many as 6 students at one time. In addition to barn chores and riding several horses each day, we take field trips around the region as well as into NYC for some cultural outings. The riding experience includes lessons in dressage, jumping, cross country and occasionally swimming in a nearby pond. Many students travel from France and Germany to visit the farm and learn about horses in America.

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