Glenn Randall, Sr. Hollywood Horse Trainer


Rex Peterson learned from the greatest horse trainer Hollywood has ever scene, Glenn Randall, Sr. the man who trained the Triggers for Roy Rogers, the horses for Ben-Hur, the last Rex for Gene Autry and many others.    Rex knew he had to learn from this master of horses.  Upon arrival at Glenn’s ranch with several rogue horses he was given a memorable lesson of mannering a horse quickly and efficiently.  Glenn watched Rex rope the horse to catch them, disgusted, he quietly stepped over and  began to whip break the horse in less than an hour, teaching each horse to obediently follow him around the arena.  This was a life changing moment as Rex realized he must study with this Master.  Many people came and went, but Rex stayed the longest.  Glenn would sit in his swivel chair barking commands, not allowing any dialogue while training, but open to discuss any of his methods and techniques at the end of the day.  To this day Rex claims he knows only a fraction of the knowledge Glenn possessed.

Currently Rex is developing a TV program for RFD-TV and is continues to work on films.  Take advantage of the rare opportunity to train with Rex in a clinic at Windrock Farm, contact Cari to schedule a session.  There has never been a horse Rex could not improve.