Count Every Stride


You have heard it from many trainers-ride every stride.  This will eventually become automatic when you train yourself to count your strides.  One of my greatest teachers, Tony Mason, taught me to count the length and width of the arena.  He was adament about knowing the size of your arena and how to carve out space to work in when it was crowded with many horses.  I imagine he learned this years ago when he was trained by his Master in Europe, when riders had to navigate among dozens of horses in small arenas.  There was etiquette about how to pass one another and when to change direction.

If you learn to count the strides in your circles, you will eventually learn how to ride a perfect circle.  This is not as easy as you might expect.  I start all my students whether children or adults learning to count and it pays off quickly as they progress up the levels.

This image is of Ashley Cox riding Classy, winning the dressage test at Kent Horse Trials.  If you are interested in lessons or have any questions, contact