How to Treat a Horses Ear Plaque


This horse has had ear plaque his entire life.  After several vets have tried to treat it by burning it off, the owner gave up until Rex came along and had a simple solution.  Rub baby oil on the fungus and it will kill it.  Easier said than done because this horse would not let you touch his ears, let alone put cotton balls inside to rub the baby oil on.  In fact he always has to have the bridle or halter taken apart to put on because of his panic around his ears from the painful fungus.

After an hour of patience and using the Sugar String, Rex was able to rub the cotton balls soaked in baby oil inside his ears.  Treated every day for 5 days resulted in perfectly clean ears with new pink skin emerging.  The hair is even starting to grow back after 10 days and still no sign of the fungus returning.

Sometimes the old methods are far less expensive and more effective than the newer solutions of drugs.  You can see this horse is actually enjoying the treatment now, learning to allow his ears to be touched and rubbed without the panic.

Send any problem you have to us to solve, Rex Peterson loves a challenge and has not met a horse he could not improve or fix yet….we look forward to your challenge!