War Bridle Lariats Available for Sale


RJ/Hidalgo’s three year old filly is wearing a war bridle, made from a 30 foot lariat now available for sale at SwansonPetersonProductions.com

They are $45 plus shipping and can be purchased by emailing cari@cariswanson.com, you can either send a check or use a Visa/Mastercard.

The war bridle is an invaluable tool when breaking a horse to lead, teaching a horse to trailer or mannering a horse for any purpose.  You will quickly earn the respect of your horse.  Several of Rex Peterson’s training dvd’s demonstrate how to use the war bridle, they can also be purchased at SwansonPetersonProductions.


Ryan demonstrates how to use the Lariat on his new horse, Pard, who he is preparing to teach to load on the trailer.  After a five minute lesson, Pard was quietly walking on and off the trailer.