Learn to Put Your Horse’s Head Down for Easy Bridling and Handling

This uniquely designed tool, the Sugar String will help you teach your horse to put his head down whenever and where ever you ask him to.  Designed by Rex Peterson as an easy and humane way to teach a horse to drop his head and open his mouth for effortless bridling and clipping around the head.  Taken to an extreme, the Sugar String can help teach your horse to walk next to you with his nose at your ankles.  In the movie Dreamer, the horse had to walk next to Dakota Fanning, the kid and safely keep his distance.  He also learned to carry her backpack and nudge her gently along.  Everyone wants a well mannered horse, and this tool is ideal to train your horse to drop his head and become submissive to you on command.  Check it out on the following web site!

Swanson Peterson Productions