Horse Wisdom Training DVD’s

Rex introduces Mr. T, a famous Hollywood horse to a meeting of five 4-H Clubs in Johnsonville, Texas.

Watching Rex work with horses is magic. Imagine watching Baryshnikov dance, Beethoven compose, Picasso paint, or Fitzgerald write, you are watching genius at work. Everything looks effortless and easy when in fact his technique is a highly systematic methodology tuned throughout years of working with master teachers and thousands of horses. One of his most unusual qualities is his ability to continue learning from everyone and every horse. An open mind willing to analyze and dissect each situation, and the ability to acknowledge that he does not have the answer, he asks for the solution from the horse and it is offered. Listening allows him to solve the problem.

There are common threads woven throughout his technique of patience, persistence, discipline, diligence. These qualities are essential to successful training and should be learned from the very beginning.  You can learn from Rex Peterson Horse Wisdom Training DVD’s now available for purchase.

Rex generously visits 4-H Clubs and Pony Clubs teaching children how to correctly train their horses.
Contact Cari if you are interested in setting up a clinic with Rex.