Falling in on the Circle in Canter


This rider clearly demonstrates how not to ride a circle. The horse is falling in on the circle, is out of balance and is not bending through his body. Do you ever have difficulty riding a round circle? This is a common problem and can be easily fixed with several simple excercises.

Simplify everything. Go back to walk and find the bend in your horses body. Check to make sure you are not holding your horse by softening the inside rein to confirm he is carrying himself. Make several transitions to trot and back to walk confirming that you are balanced and can maintain the bend. If you can, proceed to trot/canter transitions always softening the inside rein to check your balance.

Leg yielding into the transition will help put the horse in the correct position and help you maintain the bend. Now try to ride your circle with bend in the body of your horse. If you are falling in then go back to the simple excercise at walk. Only proceed if you are able to maintain the bend. This will take some focus and practice but once achieved you will be able to ride beautiful circles in balance while maintaining your rhythm.