Equine Herpes Virus in the Equestrian Community

Over the last few months, there have been several outbreaks of a common virus horses contract and it has been deadly in a handful of cases.  Although it is difficult to find out the real facts, Florida delayed the show season in Wellington after several cases were discovered and most barns were placed under quarrentine.  This has now been lifted and it seems the show season is currently underway with hundreds of horses now heading south to the sun.  There are several web sites to read about the virus and how to prevent the spread of this disease.  www.fairfieldequine.com and www.horsecity.com are excellent sources of the facts.

Be mindful of your horses attitude and take the temperature twice daily to establish if he is healthy.  A rise in temperature is the best way to notice if your horse is not well.  And of course education is important in understanding any disease.