Anatomy of Dressage by Heinrich & Volker Schusdziarra

This is an excellent new book I highly recommend for any riding enthusiast. As a teacher, it is always challenging to describe to the student how to feel a movement. As a judge, it is a joy to see a rider at one with his horse. As a rider one strives to ride in perfect balance and when this is achieved, the feeling is magic.

This book breaks down the riders anatomy in a way that helps explain how to use each muscle. Using the leg properly, tilting the pelvis and knowing how to brace the back are all critical to becoming an effective rider. Another master, Museler discusses in his famous riding manual that correctly ridden horses and riders are rarely found. In addition, only 1% or riders can actually move with the motion of the horse. Those who do ride in harmony with their horse are successful because they understand how to brace their back. A child can swing using their back effectively in the exact same way a rider must ride. It is imperative that any serious rider should study this new book on Anatomy and apply it to their everyday riding.

Anatomy of Dressage can be purchased from the USDF who co-published this new version.