2008 Equine Affaire drawing to a close

Rex and RJ just finished their final demonstration to a pleased crowd. We have three hours remaining at this year’s Equine Affaire–an event that shouldn’t be missed for horse lovers.

The thing that stands out the most from our time here is the number of devoted fans of RJ because of the film “Hidalgo.” This stallion is truly a star. Men and women alike see him and melt. Stories abound of how people have seen the movie over and over and over. The fans know that more than one horse played Hidalgo and they know which horse Viggo Mortensen (the human star of the movie) bought. Rex spoke about why he kept RJ and how Cari pried RJ away from him, at least partly. It’s RJ’s larger than life personality that won Rex’s and Cari’s hearts as well the hearts of millions of devoted fans.