Words of Wisdom from the Master Egon von Neindorff

When asked what is the most important philisophical consideration for the rider? Egon replies “Modesty and wanting to serve, putting ego aside. The desire to listen to the horse which must come from one’s heart and then must be filled in practice through the feeling of the rider. The ability to co-relate and unify the feelings from the saddle with the philosphy in which we believe. We must be fully aware of the fact that a lifetime is not long enough to come to know all about horsemanship.
Accordingly, it is essential that we stand on the shoulders of the past Masters in order to fully utilize and profit from the experiences. And only because of the past can we now enjoy that harmony–a harmony that the horse understands because the training is founded on its nature. It is only the true gymanastic school that makes beauty possible. These are things that are beyond subjective opinion; they are deeply rooted in the laws of nature. And it is this that keeps the horses sound and healthy to a ripe old age. The knowledgeable horseman sees this in and through the horses, both in the way they go and in the build of the muscle structure. That is what distingushes the real high-school riding from the pretender to the throne.”

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