What makes a horse and rider harmonious?

Elasticity is the qualtiy that makes a horse look vibrant and powerful, yet balanced and controlled. The horse looks loose and relaxed in all the gaits, yet excited and explosive. The rider must have an elastic seat in order for the horse to achieve and maintain the relaxed rhythmic footfall of each gait. If the seat is not stable, the rider will balance off the horses mouth or bounce on the back making it impossible for the horse to remain supple and look relaxed. At the beginning of every training session, tune into your horse and listen to how he is feeling. It is important to find the correct tempo and balance as quickly as possible. Test your horse to make sure he is laterally and longitudinally flexible. The ultimate goal is that your horse swings forward in a relaxed rhythm, reach and stretch toward the bit and into the hand. When these qualities are achieved the horse and rider will look as one and they will be a pleasure to watch in any discipline.