Westfield Whips


Westfield Whips have been designed with impeccable craftsmanship for over a century.  With perfect balance, action and flexibility, these whips never feel heavy in your hand.  All Westfield, whips are built on cores made to precise specifications to guarantee that they replicate the feel and performance standards of the original whalebone and rawhide whips which have never been surpassed in quality and feel.

“For me, the Westfield whips are the finest available in the world today.”-Bruce Davidson

Bruce is one of the finest and most accomplished equestrians of our time.  He is a two time Three-Day Event World Champion and a five-time Olympic veteran, holding two team gold and two team silver medals.  He is a two time World Champion, has won the Rolex Kentucky Three Day a record six times and is one of only two Americans to have won the Badminton Horse Trials.  He has been the US Combined Training Assoc.  “Rider of the Year” a record fourteen times.

“In my industry where every detail matters, I count on the handling precision of a Westfield whip to deliver a perfect performance.”-Rex Peterson

Rex has trained horses for film for over four decades, creating some of the most complex and exciting horse action sequences every filmed.  His credits include dozens of films including Black Beauty, Dreamer, Hidalgo, Runaway Bride, The Horse Whisperer and The Patriot.  His concern for the well being of horses has earned him the praise of humane organizations and animal advocates.

Westfield whips are well balanced, light in weight and of the highest quality.  I love these whips and so do my customers.”  –Olaf Nyby

Olaf Nyby of Norway is one of Europe’s top driving instructor and horse trainers.  His expertise includes pleasure and commercial driving and international competition in pairs; four-in-hand combined training and driving dressage disciplines.

The Westfield whip-dressage, straight lash (6 foot), Lunge line, and jumper bat are available at swansonpetersonproductions.com


Here Ryan uses his Tufflex Stock Whip (6 foot), and Diamond Weave Pro Lunge Whip from  Westfield  to cue Doc to perform many tricks and movements.The whips are an extention of his hands to guide his horse, who must never be afraid of the whips.