Training Actors to Ride

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This past spring, Cari Swanson trained me for a western I starred in for Sony/MGM pictures, entitled The Magnificent Seven. Throughout every step of this process, Cari was professional, gentle in nature, patient, kind. She treated her horses as an equal, with respect. I found that to be a rare and dignified trait. She taught me about the importance of peacefulness, unity and the language between a human and these wild animals. I started out fearing them and ended up having a deep understanding for them. It was not until I met Cari that I enjoyed this beautiful process of learning to ride. I immediately related to her great empathy. It was a privilege and a gift to have had trained with this woman. I learned a lot from her, not just how to ride but how to ride with gracefulness and with integrity. I’d recommend her to anyone, and I look forward to joining her and her horses again soon.

With respect,
Haley Bennett