The Importance of Desensityzing your Horse

Cari ~ “I just wanted to let you guys know that Arabel had a massage tonight and was so relaxed after today’s session that she actually fell asleep on the cross ties.  Arabel is usually grinding her teeth and pawing on the cross ties.  Wow ~ what a difference already in just one session. AMAZING!!” –Karen

This young TB mare was rescued from the killers, finding a new home in a luxurious barn in NY.  She had some baggage from her experience at the track and everyone was giving up on her with the exception of the one person who believed in her.  Karen called us as a last resort and after meeting this mare, we believe she was simply misunderstood.  A highly intelligent mare with outstanding bloodlines, she completely transformed after one session of desensitizing, we will continue to work with her and build her confidence so that her owner can enjoy safe fun rides in the near future.

We believe all horses benefit from this easy lesson in building confidence.  All of our horses, young or old, go through this important lesson as a foundation to their training.  .