The Agony of Defeat

Will Faudree and his veteran partner Antigua, aka “Brad” suffered a tremendous blow yesterday after they blazed around the cross country course at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in the fastest time posted. Brad pulled a shoe on course, stepping on a clip which caused him to be unable to jog sound for Show Jumping today. With a score of 54.4 and standing in fourth place at the most prestigious four star event in our country, they had to withdraw from completing. So close to victory and unable to finish. A devastating break in a stellar career. Ironically, a clear show jumping round would have placed them at the top of the leaderboard. Such is the fate of one of our top competive pairs. Not to worry though, this amazing team will be back at the Pan Am games competing for the USA. Luckily Brad only suffered a minor injury and he will be back in top form.