Temple Grandin Feb 6 8pm HBO

I highly recommend a new film called Temple Grandin on HBO this Saturday at 8pm.  The film is about the remarkable work Temple Grandin has done in the field of livestock behavior and humane slaughter.  Rex worked on the film with Harbor Mist, also known as Mr. T has a pivotal scene in the film. Friends who have previewed the film say that it is very powerful on many levels and is worth watching.  The film has an excellent cast with Claire Danes as Temple Grandin, with supporting roles played by Julia Ormond and David Strathairn.

One day of filming required Mr. T to play dead and lay perfectly still under a tarp.   This would not have been easy on a quiet set and was especially difficult because the scene required Mr. T to lie absolutely still while Claire, as Temple, has a fit standing over him.  As you know horses are highly sensitive to energy and it is remarkable how Rex was able to convince Mr. T to lay perfectly still during the sequence.  This is the result of many hours of training and a tremendous trust between horse and trainer.  Mr. T also has several other scenes where he has to fight and rear as well as being gentle with his co- star.

I also recommend you read the review about the film in the New York Times today.

You can see the trailer here.