New DOT Regulations

Some of you may know that there are new regs in place as of Jan 1 2007 that require all vehicles that have a combined GVW of 10,000+ pounds have a DOT number on them. The registration is free but you have to pay to get the numbers made (which can be a magnetic sign – unless you have an Aluminum trailer) and it also requires that you carry a safety kit of 3 road triangles and a 10BC fire extinguisher mounted in the tow vehicle. There are likely many other requirements too and I have only scratched the surface. One thing to consider is that the regs apply to the published GVW of your truck and trailer not the actual weight. So if you think you can slide by because the trailer is empty or only has one horse in it think again. The GVW’s are printed on a tag mounted in or on your truck and trailer.

The form you need to register can be found here you need both MCS-150 and MCS150A. More info can be found here and also the NYS dot website. Don’t bother to call DMV they don’t know anything about DOT regs.

Do not risk being pulled over and fined for this new rule. Look up the rules and register.