New Book on Dressage

I am often asked to recommend books to read and as resources for my students. There are many out in the market, and every year new ones are released. Recently, the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) announced a new book by Jennifer Bryant which I encourage all of my students to read.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the sport of dressage, this new book, the USDF Guide to Dressage, explains the training scale to riders. The book is illustrated with a full course of excercises, from pre-introductory to Second Level. The book offers beautiful photographs of accomplished riders demonstrating the various movements.

This authoritative guide includes the dramatic and colorful history of dressage, an overview of proper terminology and equipment, as well as information on competitition, cross-training for other disciplines, management of the dressage horse, rider fitness and much more.

Dressage is an intricate ballet of athleticism and grace, demanding precise movement and excellent comunication between horse and rider. This sport is particularly appealing to the growning group of “Baby Boomer” riders who are looking for opportunities to expand their riding skeills and knowledge without the physical challenges and risks involved in jumping and racing. Whether they have been in the saddle for years or are just taking up or renewing their riding practie, these eager riders will find the USDF Guide to Dressage and important key to building a more satisfying relationship with their horses.